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World Geological Park: Luoyang 5A Longtan Canyon Scenery Area

2013-08-01 13:14
>>> Luoyang Longtan Valley: No.1 Valley of Narrow Gorges in China

The Luoyang Longtan Canyon is an internationally famed geological park and a national 5A scenic spot. It is renowned as "the First Canyon in China", "Museum of Ancient Ocean", "Marvelous Canyon in China", "Gallery of Yellow River and Moutains" and the "Best Canyon in Laowai's Eyes".

The Longtan Canyon is a "U" shaped canyon formed by the gradual collision of the amaranth quartz sandstone and running water. The total length of the canyon is 12 kilometers. Different parts of the canyon feature clear and unique textures and swirling shapes in the rock. On rare occasions, one may also see a cliff which was formed during the collapse of the massive rock.

There are six natural mysteries, seven waterfall and pond areas and eight natural wonders in the scenic spot. Each of them leaves tourists with a jaw-dropping impression.

Water Flows Upwards

After being totally absorbed in the beauty of nature here, you may be surprised to find the water is actually flowing upwards. Within the 12 kilometer long canyon, a magical spot where the water runs slowly in the upwards direction can be found.

Many tourists will rub their eyes and doubt their own eyesight, while some may feel light-headed or uncomfortable if they are particularly sensitive about direction. These symptoms are caused by this strange yet magical phenomenon---water flowing upwards.

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