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Chinese Riddles Popular in China

from:新华网2014-02-18 16:05

Chinese Riddles Popular in China

“Did you guess riddles last night?” As the program Chinese Riddles has been broadcasted in the prime time for three days by CCTV, it has been a hot topic for Chinese people recently when the Chinese traditional LanternFestival is coming. Thanks to this program, people have an opportunity to experience the traditional Chinese lantern riddles as well as the culture of Chinese character.

These creative riddles are collected from the public, according to CCTV sources. The program has collected over 20,000 riddles from the public on the internet since last November. And final riddles were selected by experts from the Chinese Lantern Riddles Academic Board, including classical ancient riddles, popular folk riddles as well as newly created ones.

Guessing TV riddles is not only an amusement but also an opportunity for people to return to tradition and know about riddles culture. When they were watching the program, the audience felt that it was another program which exposes their IQ as there were many riddles they really couldn’t solve. In only fifteen minutes, the hostess Zhou Tao announced that 260,000 TV viewers had participated in the program by scanning two-dimension code with mobile phones, and as the program went to the later period, the number rose dramatically to 430,000.

There are Chinese characters wherever Chinese people live, and riddles exist wherever Chinese characters exist. It seems like the spring of traditional culture as we turn back to it through the TV program of the riddles with Chinese poetry and character.

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