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Chinese designer presents new collection at London Fashion Week

from:新华网2014-02-18 16:16

LONDON, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- Chinese designer Wang Haizhen released a new autumn and winter collection on Friday at London Fashion Week, with his signature of a strong female character.

Embracing a color palette of the classic white, black and gray, Wang incorporated herringbone and houndstooth detailed leather with a modern twist of slouchy silhouette.

The designer said his inspiration came from a photograph of a girl's back with dots of shadows cast along her spine, which led him to explore women's body frame, especially the spine as the core of the whole body.

Meanwhile, cultural feminism, philosophic theory and modern architecture also influenced his design, Wang said.

His fashion show was presented on the first day of the five-day fashion gala.

"I like Wang's design, as the fabric he used is carefully selected and the tailoring is very elegant, which is always his signature," said Du Yang, a Chinese designer watching the show.

Graduated from Britain's Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2005, Wang had worked with Max Mara and Allsaints before founding his own brand.

Wang received the 2012 Fashion Fringe Award as the first Chinese designer. His work emphasizes the shape and form of clothing and the female body, with an apparent Gothic style.

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