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Center to protect women and children's rights set in North China

from:内蒙古英文网2014-03-11 15:02

center to safeguard women and children’s legal rights and provide psychological counseling services to them was established in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region on March 8.

150 people including lawyers, psychological consultants, media workers and women's theoretical research volunteers work for the center and provide rights safeguarding, dispute mediation and free legal counseling services for women and children in Inner Mongolia. It will also organize public welfare lectures regarding the service targets’ lives and families.

In 2014, according to the center’s agenda, it will recruit specialist volunteers in women’s law, psychology, marriage and family relationships and parenthood to offer professional knowledge and skills training for women in the region. Aiming to be a comprehensive service organization in accordance with ethnical groups’ needs, the center will, in addition, carry out hot research issues for women and children and public welfare promotion.

Bao Xiaochun, vice-chairman of the Inner Mongolian Women’s Federation explained that the region will focus on the construction of online service platforms for women and children, based on “hotline 12338”, a service hotline set up by the All-China Women’s Federation to protect women’s legal rights. The volunteers can therefore provide online services for women and children, Bao said, in a more efficient and convenient way.

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