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"300: Rise of an Empire" ready to conquer

from:新华网2014-03-11 15:37

BEIJING, March 10 (Xinhuanet) -- At the North American box office, where some heavyweight contenders are battling it out for the takings. Among this batch of films, "300: Rise of an Empire" is set to fight its way to the top. Take a look.

An ancient war is set to conquer the North American box office from Friday through Sunday. "300: Rise of an Empire" is shot in the same visual style as its predecessor, the blockbuster "300," with the new chapter following the story of Greek general Themistokles as he attempts to unite all of Greece. The film is headed for a 36 million US dollars haul at the box office, despite mixed reviews.

Also opening this weekend is children’s film "Mr. Peabody and Sherman," about a time travelling dog and his best friend. It’s estimated to earn as much as 30 million US dollars over the weekend and has received decent reviews.

Rolling over from previous weeks, "Non-Stop" should add another 15 million. The Liam Neeson air-disaster movie has already taken in 53 million globally.

"The Lego Movie" is also set to continue going strong. It’s expected to add another 14 million to its worldwide take of 334 million US dollars.

Finally, "Son of God," a movie detailing the life of Jesus, should see another 

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