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Leonardo fails to win Oscar award for fourth time

from:新华网2014-03-11 15:40

EIJING, March 4 (Xinhuanet) --It is the fourth time Leonardo DiCaprio missed out on taking homean Oscar Academy Award.

As this year’s Oscar Academy Awards ended,many people are forwarding a picture which compiled and collectedthe crying lens of Leonardo DiCaprio in his previous movies. Itsounds like a voice cried out from his’s heart “Not me again!Why!”.

Leonardo had been hoping andpraying that he could be lucky enough to take home an Oscar awardwhen he received a nomination for the role in movie“The Wolf Of WallStreet”. In themovie, Leonardo plays Jordan Belfort, a successful stockbroker whobecomes involved in a fraudulent securities exchangedeal.

However, the luck just wasn't onhis side this time again. Leonardo, missed out an award once againas Matthew McConaughey was named Best Actor for the movie“Dallas BuyersClub”.

Before thisyear’snomination for Leonardo DiCaprio, he was previously nominated forActor in a Leading Role for Blood Diamond (2006) and The Aviator(2004), and for Actor in a Supporting Role for What's EatingGilbert Grape (1993).

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