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No reason to suspect MH370 enters Lao airspace: Lao Civil Aviation chief

from:新华网2014-03-18 15:14

VIENTIANE, March 18 (Xinhua) -- Director General of Lao PDR's Civil Aviation Department Yakua Lopangkao told Xinhua that according to civilian radar there is no reason to suspect missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 entered Lao airspace, Tuesday.

"We have no reason to suspect it was detected," Yakua told Xinhua. Later Tuesday Yakua will meet with the Malaysian ambassador to Laos to further discuss the issue.

Civilian radar data was forwarded by the Lao Civil Aviation department to the Lao Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in a report to the Lao deputy prime minister.

According to Yakua all commercial pilots have been instructed to report any suspicious sightings of debris or other traces of flight MH370 to the Department of Civil Aviation.

"We have quite many objects, quite many areas, spots, because we are surrounded by forest," Yakua said.

A source who prefers to remain nameless has confirmed to Xinhua that Lao military are conducting a ground search in the north and south of the country for any evidence of the plane's whereabouts.

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