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Inner Mongolia to promote pilot baby hatches

from:内蒙古英文网2014-03-31 15:28

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional Civil Affairs Bureau recently released a notice to launch a pilot for baby hatches – depositories for abandoned babies - in the region. In order to promote the children’s welfare and to protect the legal rights of abandoned infants, the pilot baby hatch projects will be continued in the region, while two are already in use in Baotou and Ulanqab.

The notice indicated four basic principles for the pilot baby hatches:

The infant’s right to life is the top priority while operating baby hatches; it is the starting point from which everything else is based. In addition, as the baby hatch is a relatively new phenomenon in Inner Mongolia, a progressive working style – starting with pilot projects then summarizing the valuable working experiences - will be taken in the region. The basic principles have the backing of governments and social organizations. The governments provide policy support and related guarantees; the social welfare organizations on the other hand will work on an organizational basis, with other social forces join in to form a unified force to push forward these baby hatches. These principles are in addition to local social and economic development concerns.

Specific requirements for the baby hatches’ locations, facilities, systems and regulations were listed in the notice. In order to bring the facility into full use, the baby hatches should preferrably be located near to children’s welfare institutions or where abandoned infants are often found.

The cities and prefectures in the region should determine the number of baby hatches within their jurisdiction in accordance with local conditions.

With respect to the facilities, the notice requires that a baby hatch should provide the infants with a safe environment which includes an incubator, a delayed alarm device, an air conditioner and a baby bed; moreover, the baby hatch should be suitably marked and have traffic direction signs.

In order to ensure the abandoned infants receive timely help and treatment, the baby hatch will work around the clock. Systematic regulations with regards to the baby hatch’s management, patrolling, abandoned infants’ admission and rescuing should be worked out and optimized to ensure the baby hatches’ are always in good condition.

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